With the holidays upon us, we thought it might be apropos to feature reviews of some great gift ideas for the burgeoning illustrators on your lists…

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riddell doodle a dayDoodle A Day
By Chris Riddell
Published by Macmillan

2015-2016 UK Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell has created a wonderful, year-long guidebook for those who want to create something every day. Made up of 365 story starters, drawing lessons and other exercises, this book is chock full of inspiration, and Riddell is unquestionably a phenomenal artist… Possibly too phenomenal. His work may be a bit overwhelming and imposing for beginners, and while I understand that the book is sized compactly to fit into a purse or pocket, it doesn’t provide a lot of room to allow new artists to stretch out and make mistakes. This one might be best suited for artists further on in their artistic journey…

A portion of book sales will go to support reading charity BookTrust.

draw-it-colour-it-creaturesDraw It! Colour It! Creatures!
By Various Illustrators
Published by Macmillan

Macmillan has assembled a crazy talented roster of illustrators for a collection of, let’s say, doodle starters. World class artists like Alexis Deacon, Chris Riddell, Rilla Alexander, Benjamin Chaud, Alex T. Smith, and Briony May Smith (as well as many, many others) provide jumping off points, and the book’s format allows for plenty of space to get creative.

It’s great to see the different ways each artist attacked the assignment, and it is clear that they all had a lot of fun coming up with their tasks.

The best book of its kind.

let's go find a tigerLet’s Go Find A Tiger
By Yasmeen Ismail
Published by Macmillan

Award-winning illustrator Yasmeen Ismail, whose Jim Averbeck-penned One Word From Sophia (Simon & Schuster) was one of the best of 2015, has created a unique activity book for your young storyteller. Let’s Go Find  A Tiger starts as the story of two friends in the jungle on a quest to find a tiger, with prompts for the user to add to the illustrations using the included stickers or their pencils and markers, but as the story goes on more and more of the onus falls upon the user, leading them to create more important aspects of the story, including the titular tiger.

Great fun.

you are an artistYou Are An Artist
By Marta Altés
Published by Macmillan

Based on her excellent 2013 picture book, I Am An Artist, Spanish illustrator Marta Altés presents a book that is less about teaching kids (or others) to draw, and more about showing them how artists see the world in a different way, finding inspiration in unexpected places. Exercises involve creating with pencil shavings and turning scribbles into something.

A very cool twist on the form, and very well executed.

eebooSketchbooks and Pencil Crayons
Manufactured by eeBoo

Of course, every artist needs supplies, and eeBoo has created a nice series of low-texture sketchbooks with beautiful brightly decorated covers. The books are inviting and unimposing. (Packaging illustrations come from the likes of Melissa Sweet, Saxton Freymann and Monika Forsberg.)

The pencil crayons are also excellent, and come in matching packages.


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