This holiday season, has curated gifts that invoke creativity, imagination and joyful engagement for the young (or not so young) writer in your life.

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animal villageTell-Me-A-Story Cards
Various illustrators
Published by eeBoo

These brightly coloured and deftly illustrated cards are useful ‘how-to’ tools to develop plot, character and throughlines.

The cards are 3.75″ x 4.75″, making them large enough for little hands to grasp, and easy enough to see the details in the pictures. They showcase recurring characters in different situations, allowing a child to select randomly, and describe the story as the cards dictate, or to lay out all 36, and select a plotline of their own choice. Likewise, this game can be told by an adult and child in collaboration, or used as a group exercise. Older, or indpendent participants could use the cards as a stepping off point for scribing their story, and the art on the cards as inspiration for their own illustrations.

The size and compact case makes them easily portable, so useful for those holiday drives, after dinner doldrums, or rainy afternoons.

Each set features a theme, such as “Animal Village” or “Volcano island.” (Different sets are illustrated by different artists, including Michelle Sweet.) There are a few different types to select, so you can satisfy the disposition of your spontaneous storyteller.

diceMagic and Fairy Tale Dice
Illustrated by Hannah Waldron
Published by Laurence King

For individuals or a crowd with an imagination, these beautiful dice will provide hours of fun. The game is made of nine dice, each with 5 sides of intricate and varied print-like illustration. The trick is to roll 8 dice, and develop a story and characters from what is revealed. The red die that is left may be rolled if the super power symbol has been revealed. If so, an existing character may be imbued with a magical power of your choice.

With 54 possible story starters, this game could be useful in combating writers block, or in a group writing exercise. I would even go so far as to say that gamers looking to diversify their plots could utilize this tool for inspiration. A fantastic choice for a creative mind. (A Space Travel set of dice is also available.)

compositionComposition Books
Published by eeBoo

If your writer needs encouragement to practice, likes to jot down notes, or needs something spiffy for the January term, then you have found the perfect gift in the Composition Notebooks. Hardbound, they feature eye-catching images and fine detail on the cover, which makes them appear much like a published book. When opened, there is a class schedule on the inner cover, and 144 ruled pages inside. In the back there are various measurement tables, a ruler, and a classic poem to inspire the owner.

A sturdy, wonderful way to keep a child’s work, and something that they could share in the future. Adults who love whimsy would also be prime candidates.



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