KinderReview: Kieran on Island of Silence

rTON2QXjfZkMm4aTrGodfA4CqH96OaC1YbsBWkVWCLaxpWlKdyBja4iwhp1VRNRDhuzWFk6QTBX8FX2EBtKind35pIa5o_YIW2cCLif-0hezo7fei6FUgcMDem3-2fOy0TmCXjf6cRIi0jHjJ-sXzDcKpwV8vDadbVcSTWC8Zdj-d7fu8RgDCzaTwq5KNMLNWgS6wrBSlXFOccasionally, in addition to our regular reviews, we’ll be enlisting the help of some more age appropriate critics to give their opinions and recommendations.

This week we welcome Kieran, age 9, who has strong opinions about The Unwanteds: Island Of Silence, by Lisa McMann. Island of Silence is the second book in her The Unwanteds series. It was published in 2013 by Aladdin, a imprint of Simon & Schuster.

IOSThis fabulous book by Lisa McMann is one of the most thrilling books I have ever read. This book is about a teenager, Alex Stowe, and his friends in a magical world called Artimé. Strange things start to happen, like two strange orange-eyed teens showing up. But meanwhile in Quill, Artimé’s rival, Aaron Stowe (Alex’s brother) is making a masterful plan to return himself to power only if no one gets in his way.

Meagan Ranger, Lani Haluki, and Samheed Burkesh, Alex’s friends, go on a adventure and get metal thorns sown into their necks like the silent, orange-eyed teens. Mr. Today, who taught Alex all his magic in Artimé, one day walks into Aaron’s so-called base, and Aaron kills him. This causes Alex and all of Artimé At to lose their magic, because Mr. Today created magic and without him there is no magic. Alex spends time thinking and eventually comes up with a plan and takes charge over everything.

I like this book because it is a book full of magic, wonder, and adventure. It is good as long as you can read every word. Some of the words are hard, like “hesitation” and “delightful.” It’s a good book for grades 3-12. I really liked the names of the characters, and I give a lot of credit to the author because she gives me wonderful ideas.

You have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens to Alex and Artimé!

Do you know a kid who’d like to release their inner critic? Have your little scribe write about one of their favorite books, and they could get published by!

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