CAM01142Occasionally, in addition to our regular reviews, we enlist the help of some more age appropriate critics to give their opinions and recommendations.

This week, Emmylou returns with a review of Buddy and Earl (Groundwood Books, 2015), by Maureen Fergus (read out interview HERE) and Carey Sookocheff (read our interview HERE). She dictated her review to her parents, who also run this website…

This is a book about a dog named Buddy and a hedgehog named Earl, and they became friends because they played. When Buddy first met Earl, he didn’t know what he was. It was a funny scene, because Earl was pretending to be other things, like a racecar. They played pirates, and that was Earl’s idea and he got Buddy in trouble because Buddy was up on the couch when they were pretending it was a pirate ship. Buddy’s owner came and saw Buddy on the couch and he got in big trouble.

Buddy and Earl have secret voices, that only they can hear. When Buddy and Earl break the rules, Earl tries to stick up for Buddy, Groundwood Logos Spinebut she doesn’t hear him. And Buddy realizes that Earl is really a friend.

I think the book is about becoming friends and being good. If you get your friend in trouble you should say it wasn’t their fault. You should stick up for your friends.

My favorite character is Earl because he’s the funniest, and in some of the book he just yells and he says he’s a talking hairbrush, but he’s actually a hedgehog.

I would give this book 150. I would tell all of my friends to read it.

Do you know a kid who’d like to release their inner critic? Have your little scribe write about one of their favorite books, and they could get published by!

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