Occasionally, in addition to our regular reviews, we enlist the help of some more age appropriate critics to give their opinions and recommendations.

This week we welcome back Emmylou, aged 5, who previously weighed in on Little Pea. She’ll discuss a recent addition to her library, Benjamin Chaud’s Farewell Floppy, published by Chronicle Books, 2015. She dictated her review to her parents, who also run this website…


I’m going to review Farewell Floppy.

It’s about a boy looking for his rabbit, because he wants him back. He’s lost in the first place because the boy left him on a rope tied to a tree. He pulled the rope from his sweater. I thought it was sad that the boy was trying to get rid of his bunny. I have no idea why he would do that.

I guess he thought not having a rabbit was like being a big kid, and he didn’t want a baby pet any more so he let it go, and then a girl came to rescue him, and it was the first animal she rescued. But having a bunny is not a baby pet.


My favorite part of the book is when -this is my funniest part of the book- is when the boy stomped into the house and said “Where’s my rabbit?” and the bunny was right there between the girl and her puppy. That’s my funniest part.

I liked that the girl rescued the bunny and Floppy is my favorite character in the book because he’s so cute. I don’t like the boy because he’s mean. Even a little kid should know that you just don’t leave your animals in the woods.

I think other kids should read this book. This is how much I would give it: 150. (Editor: She says this is not on a scale of one to ten, it’s just a score of 150.)

Do you know a kid who’d like to release their inner critic? Have your little scribe write about one of their favorite books, and they could get published by!

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