558650_10152084806975287_393097160_nOccasionally, in addition to our regular reviews, we’ll be enlisting the help of some more age appropriate critics to give their opinions and recommendations.

This week we welcome Emmylou, aged 5, who told us about one of her very favoritest books ever. Little Pea was written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace. It was published in 2005 by Chronicle Books. She dictated her review to her parents, who also run this website…

41Q9WQC99HLI like this book. I like to read this book five or six times every night. (Editor’s note: This is true. I know because I tuck her in…) It is about a baby pea who doesn’t like to eat candy, he only likes spinach. That’s funny, because most kids like candy but hate spinach, like me. (Editor: She only thinks she hates spinach, but she actually kind of likes it. She just doesn’t know when she’s eating it.) I would eat his candy, and he could have my spinach, and then we would both have what we like and not have to eat the other thing.

My favorite part is when his daddy comes home and he gets on the spoon and then his daddy jumps on the other end of the spoon and he flies up in the air and Little Pea says “Again! Again!”

I would tell other kids they should read this book, because it’s really funny. The drawings are so so so so cute! If I was one of the peas in the book I would be Little Pea, because he’s so cute.

Q: What would you rate this book out of ten? Ten is the best book in the world, and one is a book you don’t like at all.


Do you know a kid who’d like to release their inner critic? Have your little scribe write about one of their favorite books, and they could get published by!


  1. My Ainsleigh would be thrilled to help review a book. She just said so. She is alsmost 4 years old and reads constantly. This is a wonderful way to encourage and nurture a love of literature.


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