suicide-notes-from-beautiful-girlsSuicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
Written by Lynn Weingarten
Published by SimonPulse

Taking a break from her Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers series, author Lynn Weingarten brings us the dour story of June, whose best friend, Delia, has committed suicide in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable… Or has she? June isn’t so sure, and she sets out to discover the truth.

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is for those who would prefer their mystery-thrillers without hope (false or otherwise) woven throughout. This is a dark book, and some might be put off by the unflinching ugliness herein. Most frustrating, however, is that Weingarten, who is clearly a preternaturally talented writer, has fallen prey to so many teen mystery cliches, almost as though she thought that indulging in the darkness beyond what most others would is enough to set her book apart. Granted, she comes very close, but a less than successful twist in the second half (marketing this as a YA Gone Girl does not help with preserving the mystery…) and a murky ending make this an uncertain recommendation. (If you haven’t read or seen Gone Girl, this won’t be a problem.)

That said, if you know a teen who listens to The Cure’s Pornography album on a loop, this might just be their new favourite novel. requested and received a copy of Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls in exchange for an honest review. Read about our Review Policy HERE.

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