Written by Susan Dennard
Published by Tor Teen

Cloaked in fantasy and a sinuous story, Truthwitch is a fascinating study of complex relationships and the emotions that they evoke. Responsibilities, disappointments, love, joy and fear, all woven together to create a visceral reading experience; one that will compel you to keep reading long after you said you’d intended to put it down.

The plot centers around two courageous women who wield supernatural abilities, yet are utterly human in their interaction with each other. Safiya, born into a nobility that she detests, is a rare Truthwitch: She can tell truth from lie without fault. Isulet, is a nomadic Threadwitch: She sees the invisible ties that bind the world and people together. After Isulet saved Safi’s life years ago, the two are Threadsisters, forever connected. Their abilities are demanding, valued and feared, and require that the two live under the radar as heretic witches, which, although conducive to their close friendship, comes at a cost: They find themselves hunted by a Bloodwitch, and thrust into the beginning of a war between two empires fighting, one for dominance, and the other for survival.

Author Dennard, of the Something Strange and Deadly series, has created a world that is decidedly epic: A withering kingdom, a rich nobility fighting over power, a nomad clan taken over by fundamentalists, and a group of monks sworn to protect their beliefs with their life. Through it all, the two girl’s devotion for each other is unflappable, and their inner dialogues demonstrate a self deprecation that is endearing and relatable.

The dialogue is witty, and easy to digest, and Dennard’s prose moves the book forward at a breakneck pace. (The action is of particular note, inspiring the imagination, and enveloping the senses.)

Truthwitch is a read quick and experienced intensely, which is exactly what a good fantasy novel should be. The truth of Truthwitch is the love people have for each other, despite their differences, and it shines.

Highly recommended.

Kinderlit requested and received a copy of Truthwitch in exchange for an honest review. Read about our Review Policy HERE.

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