who done it tallecWho Done It?
By Olivier Tallec
Published by Chronicle Books

Essentially a masterclass in character design, Olivier Tallec’s Who Done It? is chock full of brilliant, funny and engaging animals and people, each brimming with an internal life and unique personality that most books can only approach with pages upon pages of accompanying text.

Each spread poses a question –ie. “Who is in disguise? or “Who played with the mean cat?”– and then leaves it to the reader to infer the answer from the picture, composed of ten or twelve individual characters, with some being remarkably subtle. There’s barely any text here, but unlike most books directed at this young age group (3-5 years) even parents aren’t likely to get bored with Who Done It? very quickly. Finding the answers to the posed questions will remain fun long after it has any right to be, and there are myriad ways to expand discussion of these characters well past what Tallec intended, by posing your own questions or inventing stories for the characters.

who done it mean cat

Who Done It? has quickly become a favorite in our house, even with our daughter being past the intended age group, so strong is Olivier Tallec’s illustration work here. For those with kids in the 3-5 target audience, this should certainly be considered a must have book, and I would go so far as to call it a modern classic.

Kinderlit requested and received a copy of Who Done It? in exchange for an honest review. Read about our review policy HERE.




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