exquisite corpse 3Based on an old surrealist game, Kinderlit’s Exquisite Corpse pairs up three illustrators to collaborate on the creation of a character; the catch is that none of three know who the other two are, nor what their contributions look like. To add a little twist, after we assemble the pieces we send the creation to a children’s book author to write a little something inspired by our Exquisite Corpse.

In this edition, Rilla Alexander created the head, Carey Sookocheff created the torso, and Carolina Rabei created the legs. (Click on the image to see the media file.) Author Joe McGee supplies the words…

There are only two things that Miss Penelope Pickle loves MORE than ice cream:  Puppies and children.

It will be no surprise then, when she strides through your neighborhood with her basket of delicious dragon ice cream, offering scoops and cones to every boy, girl, and puppy. Chocolate, vanilla, marmalade marshmallow taffy… She has it all.

She’ll march right down the street, in her fluffy pink bunny slippers, scooping out scoops as fast as she can.

“What’ll it be?” Miss Pickle will say. “Two scoops or three?”

But don’t be fooled… The ice cream’s not free. You’ll have to pay Miss Penelope Pickle in stories. Oh yes, she collects stories of all types. Short ones, long ones, funny ones, sad ones… Even stories about singing pirates and islands of pudding. She collects them all.

You’ll climb on up her long neck (be careful not to cut yourself on her spikes, they’re rather sharp) and tell her a story; the best story you can. Any story, any at all… Like that one about how your Aunt Gertrude once rode a llama across the Atlantic Ocean to visit the great pyramids of Egypt and how, through a case of mistaken identity, was crowned the Queen of the desert.

Any story at all, but the wilder the story, the better. For you see, she’s heard them all. And her slippers? Oh, those fluffy, pink bunny slippers are a tough audience… At least the right one is. He’ll grumble things like “I’ve heard that one before,” and “That’s not original.” But don’t let him bother you. He’s just grumpy because Miss Penelope Pickle has smelly toes. Smelly toes will do that to you (which is why it’s so important to climb up her long neck and whisper the story in her ear – the further from her smelly toes, the better).

So gather your stories and tail-wagging puppies and enjoy a delicious cone of Miss Penelope Pickle’s delicious dragon ice cream!

“Ice cream, ice cream, not for sale! Free to those who share a tale!”

Rilla Alexander has published two books through Flying Eye in 2015: Her Idea, in April and The Best Book in the World (read our review HERE) in July.

Carey Sookocheff debut picture book, Buddy and Earl (written by Maureen Fergus, read our review HERE) was published this month by Groundwood Books.

Carolina Rabei‘s Crunch was published in May by Child’s Play, and her second picture book adaptation of a Walter de la Mare poem, The Ride-by-Nights, is coming in September from Faber Children’s.

Joe McGee‘s debut picture book, Peanut Butter and Brains: A Zombie Culinary Tale, was released by Abrams just last week.

The Exquisite Corpse was assembled by actor / director David Tompa. You should follow him on Twitter.

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