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We asked LeUyen Pham to tell us about a book she loves that, for one reason or another, hasn’t found the audience it deserves:

I’m not sure that this one hasn’t found a wider audience, but I read it recently and just fell in love with it. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll, an amazing graphic novel that I can’t stop looking at.  Just so beautifully rendered, very eerie, with some rather simple but creepy images!  It’s a collection of short tales, all rather gothic in nature, that play on our senses of what’s real and unreal, and the fear that exists between.  So so pretty to look at, and the writing is sparse and precise and hits right at the heart of what needs to be said (and not said).  Just love it!

LeUyen Pham is an author and illustrator whose books include Big Sister, Little Sister and Bedtime for Mommy (written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal), as well as the Little Badger book series (written by Eve Bunting); she is also the illustrator of actress Julianne Moore’s Freckleface Strawberry series. Uyen’s latest authored book, There’s No Such Thing As Little, was released by Random House on April 14, as was The Princess in Black (written by Shannon and Dean Hale), which she illustrated.

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