If you have a book or CD you would like reviewed, feel free to contact us at or

We will accept submissions of picture books, chapter books and YA novels.

A few caveats:

  • We will publish honest reviews; in most cases, if something is submitted and it does not meet our guidelines or we don’t like it we will not publish anything. We’re here to promote work we love, not poop on things we don’t, so in the interest of positivity we feel it’s better to follow the old adage of “If you can’t say something nice…”

  • We cannot guarantee the time frame in which a book review will be published. We will do our best to post as quickly as we can, but this is a labour of love for us, and we have jobs and families that take up some time as well… If you submit something before it’s released, please let us know the release date and will do our best to get our review up within a week or so of the launch.

  • If you do get on us about not reviewing your book, and especially if you’re rude about it, we reserve the right to then publish an honest review, as well as our correspondence. You will have asked for it.

  • We will not accept money or other gifts or favours for a positive review. Except possibly a good donut, because we really love donuts.

  • We have jobs that require us to be in front of our computers for major chunks of our days; we would prefer not to review e-books, because that just adds to the amount of time we’d be staring at a screen, and we don’t want to do that.

  • We will always identify the source of the book, so you will always know if it’s a book we purchased, checked out of the library, or was submitted by an author or publisher. We may at times request books from publishers, and if we do we will note that in our reviews.

If you are a musician, read the above and substitute “CD” wherever it says “book.”

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